About the New Zealand Green Building Council

Being safe, healthy and happy, wherever you are in Aotearoa. That’s what the New Zealand Green Building Council is working to achieve.

All New Zealanders deserve to be safe, healthy and happy in our beautiful country – at home, at school, at work. Everywhere.

But millions of us are not healthy and happy, simply because our buildings are not good enough.

Too many homes are damp, and cold. Too many of our tamariki are sick because of where they live.

At the New Zealand Green Building Council, we are passionate advocates for better buildings, because we know that better buildings mean healthier, happier Kiwis.

We do this by working alongside politicians, industry and other businesses to bring change. And, because we care and we’re an independent not-for-profit, we’re unafraid to speak truthfully and frankly to those who hold powerful positions.

We also run trusted, robust authentication schemes, such as HomeFit, Homestar and Green Star, that highlight the many buildings that have proven their healthy, safe and environmentally friendly credentials. And we provide education too for hundreds of New Zealanders every year keen to learn about the technical aspects behind better buildings.

Now green buildings are gaining momentum. Thousands of better buildings are being constructed, backed by billions of dollars. And those businesses involved, and the Kiwis living and working in these buildings, are healthier and happier.

New Zealanders want all of our buildings to be happy, healthy places. For our children. For our businesses. For our whānau. For our environment, so we can breathe fresh air and swim in unpolluted water and contribute to the overall goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Looking after what’s indoors, helps look after the great New Zealand outdoors, and provide a clean, healthy and happy legacy for our children, for our mokopuna, for generations to come.

PS. If you’ve just built, or are about to build, a brand new home that you want to be healthy, safe and warm, then go here.

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