Windows - what to look for

'Good' means that curtains are:

  • floor-length and touch the floor, or have pelmets above them or close-fitting tracks with only a minimal airgap between the top of the curtain and the wall (sill-length curtains are less effective)
  • fitted tightly against the wall or window frame
  • wider than the window frame
  • double layer

'Good' blinds must have a snug fit with the window frame, creating a good seal to trap the air in the gap between them and the window. Roman blinds and pleated (cellular, or honeycomb) blinds are often good; roller, wooden and Venetian blinds are usually not.

Double glazing works by creating an insulating layer of gas between two panes of glass.

Retrofit double glazing is still quite expensive in New Zealand so it's worth repeating that it's not required in HomeFit as long as the home has 'good' curtains. However, double glazing is very effective at reducing heat lost through windows and will make the home significantly more comfortable. Consider retrofitting when carrying out a major refurbishment or replacing windows.